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From "An Caislean" to "An Caislean Nua"

Our Community: Clondalkin
The Clondalkin area has a long history of producing badminton players that have played in the Leinster and Dublin District Leagues & Cups. During the 1980's badminton was very popular and there were many clubs in Clondalkin including: Clondalkin Badminton Club, Mazda, BSS (who only wanted male members in the beginning!), Moyle Park , St. John’s , and Towerview.

Our Roots: Caislean
Originally our club was called “Drimnagh Castle” and played in Walkinstown. However, the club split up and a new club called Drimnagh Badminton Club was formed. The club played in Our Lady’s Hall, Mourne Rd, Drimnagh but unfortunately after several years it closed operations. A new club was formed called “Caislean (the Irish word for Castle) Badminton Clubplayed in the Scouts Den Watery Lane, Clondalkin.

Our Culture: Social
Caislean was a social badminton club that did not compete in league. It was the club where beginners came to learn the sport of badminton. The club was popular for the following reasons:
  • There was a waiting list for many other clubs
  • Some clubs would not accept ladies!
  • Some clubs would not accept players below a certain standard
It was with in this climate that our core principles as a club was formed, and we are proud that this is something that has remained core to our culture for over 30 years.

An Caislean Nua
In 1992 the committee of decided that they wished to close “Caislean” Badminton Club. The Committee left it up to anyone who wished to stay on to form a new club but insisted that the original name cease – and so a new club An Caislean Nua” was born (The Irish for "New Castle"). Eamonn O’Neill was the first Chairperson of “ An Caislean Nua”. 

Our Values: Togetherness
We pride ourselves on our people & culture. Despite our fantastic development in recent years we have stayed true to our core values. Our club is recognized in Ireland and Leinster as a model badminton club. We like to fuse sport and social into a strong club culture of "togetherness".

Our Success: On and Off Court
We received "Club of the Year 2014" from the Dublin District Leagues & Cups association, demonstrating the brand we now hold in the Badminton community in Dublin, Leinster and beyond.  Our Chairman, Neil Cody received "Sports Volunteer of the Year 2013" at the Echo Sports Awards for his work at An Caislean Nua.

Our Future: Exciting
“An Caislean Nua” is now the only surviving club in the Clondalkin area. In Season 2015/16 we have 21 teams and look forward to achieving more success together as a club into the future.